So I’ve Taken the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship Training… Now What?


So you've taken the Fundamentals.... where do you go from here? This webinar is for people who have completed their first training with us and are interested in continuing to grow and learn with Natural Lifemanship (NL).

If you do relationship based work such as counseling, teaching, coaching, or leading and want to learn how to positively impact your clients’ lives, work more effectively with horses (and/or humans!) and grow your business, this webinar provides a road map for the way forward.

NL is a trauma informed, principle based model that blends the art of connected relationships with the science of attachment, trauma, and mammalian development.  NL emphasizes clear ethics and offers both personal and professional growth opportunities through virtual and in-person learning led by experienced and skilled practitioners of the model.

Options for no to low cost opportunities all the way to full fledged certification in the Natural Lifemanship model are discussed.  We discuss the the concrete "nuts and bolts" of the certification process!


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