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We have many pages of digital content, including streaming videos and links to online courses. PLEASE READ to learn how to navigate this area and find the content you are looking for.

The title of each course and each video episode or video series appears in bold at the top of each outlined box. Beneath the title, you'll find a preview video (if available) on the left, a description of the content in the middle, and icons and buttons on the right. The icons correspond with our 3 membership levels at the top of this page (Introductory, Basic, and Professional). The icons displayed for a particular title indicate which level(s) of membership may have access to the episodes. A dollar sign signifies that the content is also available as a course available for purchase.


  1. For some of our longer Video Series, there may be episodes available at different levels. Professional members have access to everything. 
  2. If CE credits are available, the specific number of credits will be indicated in both the title and under "Earn".
  3. To view the videos or to start a course, click the VIEW THIS COURSE button.
  4. NOTE: The BECOME A MEMBER button is present as a convenience for visitors who are not yet members. If you are already a member, please ignore that button. So long as you are logged into your account and you are an active member, you will have access to whatever your membership level allows.
  5. If the content you wish to access is a course, you will click the START THIS COURSE button and you will be taken away from this page and into the course, which "lives" in your dashboard. Once you begin a course, please go to your Dashboard>Courses to access it.


To view video episodes and series, simply scroll down and peruse what is available on this page. Use the page buttons at the bottom to view all the pages of streaming videos available.

Click here to access courses available to NL Members.

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Click here to access the members-only page (you must be an active Basic or Professional member to access it and you must be logged in)

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