NL Therapy Process: Debra & Telly

Meet Debra



  • One way sessions may progress with Natural Lifemanship's Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • How NL connection principles combined with therapeutic objectives inform every decision the therapy team makes throughout the process
  • How Relationship Logic works to build an authentic connection between client and horse while providing a safe and natural space for the client and therapy team to explore relational behavioral patterns and belief systems that no longer serve the client's needs
This series, which is presented in a course format, currently includes the following video episodes (others forthcoming):
  1. Preview: Anyone may view, no need to log in
  2. Introduction & Intake
  3. Choosing A Partner
  4. Choosing A Partner with Commentary
  5. Day 1 - Relationship Logic Session
  6. Day 1 - Relationship Logic Session with Commentary 
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