Equine Essentials: Body Language, Posture, Expressions, and Movement (Free for NL Members - also available for purchase!)

1. Introduction to Basic Horse Body Language


GAIN SKILL and CONFIDENCE in your interactions with horses. LEARN the ESSENTIALS to better understand, care for, and CONNECT with HORSES.

The series includes the following video episodes (available for basic and professional NL members; first in the series available for all):

  1. Introduction to basic horse body language - available to all
  2. Horse body language when a request is made
  3. Horse body language during attachment and detachment (with horse, Annie)
  4. Horse movement as part of body language
  5. Horse body language during attachment and detachment (with horse, Buck) -
  6. How to differentiate between appeasement and connection
  7. Possible horse behaviors that could be dangerous
  8. Specific areas of the horse's body to notice when reading body language and understanding pacifying movements
  9. What the horse is designed for, as a species, and how the human "management" of horses can affect their behavior


1. Introduction to Basic Horse Body Language

In this video you will learn how horses communicate through body language, posture, and expressions.  You will learn how to notice tension in a horse’s body and how to have a more nuanced view of facial expressions.  Of particular importance is how to consider body language, behaviors we’re seeing, and the context as it relates to tension.


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