Healing Attachment Wounds through Movement Preview


In June, 2020, Bettina was interviewed for the Connecting with Joy monthly podcast hosted by Michelle Holling-Brooks, founder of Unbridled Change. In this episode, Bettina shares a bit about her personal attachment history and how connecting to the way an embryo moves and develops has helped her sense into her body in powerful ways.  She also shares quite a bit about how movement develops the brain and invites listeners to think about the movements associated with secure attachment.  This podcast is a great way to prepare for watching the videos included in this series.

Listen to the podcast.

Learn more about The Whole Person Training:  Embodied Early Developmental Movement and Attachment Therapy, with Margery Segal and Mark Taylor.  

Our attachment style and way of relating in the world is developed during our very beginnings – in utero and throughout the first 12-24 months of life.  As such, a cognitive understanding of our attachment style can only take us so far in healing pre-verbal attachment wounds. Attachment wounding must be addressed somatically – through the body and through movement.  In this video series Bettina Shultz-Jobe shares how connecting to the way an embryo moves and develops can help us sense into our bodies in powerful ways.  An embryo is anchored at their core through the umbilical cord – this is where both literal and figurative connection begins. It is through this anchor that the baby can move freely – movement that develops the brain, the body, and the nervous system. When we can become grounded in our feet but anchored in our core, we are free to move and heal on a deep cellular level.  In these videos Bettina guides you through connecting to and anchoring from your core.  She then describes and shows you ways you can engage in this practice personally and with your clients.

This video series includes 7 lessons:

1.  Why Connection to Self Matters in Equine Sessions
2.  Let’s Talk Bellybuttons! (the place where connection literally starts)
3.  Bringing Awareness to Your Core (your anchor point)
4.  Naval Radiation (and more ways to anchor to your core)
5.  More practice and slowing it WAY down
6.  Front and Back Body and the Development of the Nervous System
7.  Finding Balance Between Your Front and Back Body


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