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It is through the information shared in these videos that we have personally experienced deeper connections with our clients, and greater success in supporting their healing. It is our desire to share our knowledge and resources with you, so that together, we heal our communities from the inside out —one client at a time. We hope you enjoy the videos we chose for you this month!

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The Essential Connection Kit Course is a resource accompanying the purchase of the NL Essential Connection Kit.  This month we have selected these specific videos to give you an overview of the following:

  1. A review of the science that informs how, why, and to what ends actual tools can be used to revolutionize your practice and interactions with your clients.  While all videos in the course are not included, you will learn the basics of trauma informed care and bottom-up regulation – the knowledge needed if you prefer to acquire your own suite of tools.
  2. A bit deeper look at what is needed to activate and regulate the limbic system and the diencephalon – two of the four functional areas of the brain responsible for movement, emotions, and relationships.
  3. Employing specific therapeutic tools in sessions with horses affords wonderful opportunities to powerfully regulate and integrate the brain while promoting connection. It also presents challenges and nuances that are not present when using the same tools and activities without the help of horses.  This month, we have made available to you two videos demonstrating the use of selected therapeutic tools while partnering with horses.

The following lessons are available to you through the end of the year:

  • Preview
  • Overview of Trauma Informed Care
  • Bottom-Up Regulation & Integration
  • Review of Diencephalon
  • Review of Limbic System
  • Demonstration of Selected Tools with Horses – Process Set-Up & Introduction
  • Demonstration of Selected Tools with Horses – Connected Body Scan

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