Connection Kit Course Sampler

Essential Connection Kit Preview


Complementary episodes from the Essential Connection Kit Course include:

  • Preview
  • Overview of Trauma Informed Care
  • Bottom-Up Regulation & Integration
  • Review of Diencephalon
  • Review of Limbic System
  • Demonstration of Selected Tools with Horses - Process Set-Up & Introduction
  • Demonstration of Selected Tools with Horses - Connected Body Scan

To purchase any of our Connection Kits, including the Do-It-Yourself Connection Kit, visit our Products page. 

Connection Kits available for purchase include:

  • The Essential Connection Kit (Equine add-on optional)
  • Drum Connection Kit
  • Rhythm Bell Connection Kit
  • Do-it-Yourself Connection Kit

All kits come with courses that provide video instruction regarding how to use the tools to build a relational brain, helping clients (and horses) connect and overcome stress & trauma. Each course grants CE credits to qualified professionals. To earn CE credits, purchase one of the Connection Kits and complete the accompanying course(s). The following videos are offered as a small sample of what comes with the purchase of the kits.

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