NL for All of Life’s Relationships (NL4All)

NL for All of Life’s Relationships (NL4All)

Natural Lifemanship for ALL of Life’s Relationships (NL4All) is for anyone who wants to acquire a fresh and powerful new paradigm for creating healthy, rewarding relationships.

Check upcoming trainings for NL for ALL workshops. For the most comprehensive introduction to Natural Lifemanship, attend a Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship training.

Adult-Child Relationships

Parents and Families Educators and Schools Child Service Workers and Residential Facilities
  • Restore the joy in parenting
  • Promote healthy relationships within the family
  • Foster understanding, trust and respect

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  • Reduce disciplinary incidents
  • Promote social and emotional learning
  • Equip teachers with the skills to effectively address most challenging behaviors in their classrooms
  • Reduce the need for restraints
  • Promote inclusion
  • Build a trauma-informed workforce
In all settings, by providing essential knowledge, principles, and experiences, NL4All empowers adults to help children and youth gain self control and make good choices.

Professional and Personal Relationships between Adults

People in the Addictions Field People in Adult Social Services People who seek Personal Growth
  • Understand the relationship between trauma and addiction
  • Promote recovery through relationship
  • Give people in recovery a powerful set of principles for rebuilding and restoring their relationships with self and others

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  • Understand the link between adverse childhood experiences and adult behavioral and physical health
  • Promote the relational health of families and communities
  • Provide social service workers self-care strategies and principles for building effective relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Understand how developmental experiences shape our ways of being in our relationships
  • Understand how to go about the process of transforming dysfunctional patterns in our relationships with self and others
  • Become aware of personal relationship patterns and directly experience the changes that occur when  you begin to apply NL principles while connecting with a horse
NL4All changes the focus of our outcome-driven work with others and even with ourselves. Building attuned, connected relationships is always the primary goal from which other desirable outcomes follow.

Learn more about what Natural Lifemanship has to offer people and organizations that do not work with horses!