Certification Overview

Why become certified in Natural Lifemanship?

Help Your Clients Recover, Heal and Thrive
People need help overcoming trauma and healing the relational wounds that often accompany traumatic experiences and other developmental insults. To be trauma-focused requires a special knowledge and skills set. Natural Lifemanship gives you the knowledge needed to understand how your clients are affected by trauma and how to help them heal through building connected relationships with a horse, with others, and with themselves. Because of the relational, experiential nature of TF-EAP, clients who have shown little improvement in traditional office settings often experience significant progress within several sessions.

Create Relationships that Flourish
In nearly every realm of life, connected relationships are the key to well-being, happiness, and success. NL certification gives you the knowledge, skills, experience, and mentoring needed to build healthy and productive relationships based on NL principles.

Practice with Confidence and Competence
Natural Lifemanship is both a science and an art. To practice this model skillfully requires advanced training and practice in the model, with mentoring. The science may be learned through training, but the art is something that develops over time as you practice the model and reflect on your practice with the support of Natural Lifemanship mentors. Whether you work in an office setting or a round pen, Natural Lifemanship Certification will give you the knowledge, skills and practical experience you need to help your clients overcome trauma and relationship challenges.

Build Your Practice Using a Trauma-Focused Model Grounded in Science
To be certified means you get credentials from Natural Lifemanship and are able to describe yourself as an Natural Lifemanship certified professional, whether you are an EP, a therapist or practitioner, or both an EP and a therapist or practitioner. Many insurance companies that insure equine practices acknowledge Natural Lifemanship certification, and the list is growing.

Connect with Clients and Other Practitioners
As a certified Natural Lifemanship practitioner and professional Natural Lifemanship member, you may choose to be listed on our site so that clients seeking services and practitioners looking to connect can find you.

Which Certification Path is for Me?


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Certification Requirements and Costs