About Our Consultations

As you develop your practice of TF-EAP or you strive to implement NL principles into your relationships in other settings, questions naturally arise. Consultations with experienced NL trainers play a critical role in your learning process as they provide individualized support in helping you think through problems and apply Natural Lifemanship principles to challenging situations. We offer consultations by the hour for individuals and therapy teams, and two hour group consultations for those participating in our certification program. Book a consultation.

What you can expect

It is a common false assumption that there is such a thing as a “quick question” or a “quick answer” when it comes to talking through situations that arise with human beings, or with horses for that matter. While the principles are universal, each individual is unique and therefore client situations must be thoroughly understood before advice can be given.

Further, Natural Lifemanship is a process-oriented training model and it is through the process of discussion-oriented problem solving with an experienced NL trainer that you grow as a practitioner. If we were to provide quick solutions, assuming there were any, you would be deprived of this learning opportunity. For this same reason, we do not offer email consultations.

Similarly, Natural Lifemanship is a process-oriented therapeutic model in which attuned relationships (between client and horse, therapist and client, etc.) drive the therapy process. One outcome of consultations is that you will learn to follow the client and the horse where the sessions are naturally leading and process them in a way that is aligned with your treatment goals. TF-EAP sessions are not bound to a protocol and must remain very client driven.

Case-based consultation

To get the most out of your consultation, we recommend you come prepared to talk through an actual case. When booking your consultation, please keep this in mind and be prepared to present a case that will be the most helpful for you to talk through during that time frame. If carefully chosen, the information we discuss on one case will usually transfer to other clients. It typically takes an entire hour to talk through one case. Please don’t expect to cover more than one case during any given consultation slot.

When booking consultations, please note the following:

  • Individual consultations may be booked between one individual and one or two NL consultants, or between a therapy team consisting (usually) of two individuals who serve clients together with an NL therapy team (two consultants). They may take place on the phone or in person at our facility. If you wish to book an in-person consultation at our facility and work with a horse as part of the consultation process, that option is available, too. Book a consultation. Off-site consultations may also be an option. Please contact us to discuss. Consultations are available to anybody who has been through a Fundamentals training.
  • Two hour group consultations are currently restricted to those undergoing TF-EAP certification.
  • With your permission, consultation calls may be recorded and archived for the educational benefit of NL members and/or those undergoing our TF-EAP certification process. Any recordings used for this purpose will have all information removed that could potentially identify clients or therapists and would only be made available in our secure members’ area. All group consultations are recorded and used for educational purposes related to certification.

What do all these terms mean? See definitions and clarifications.

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