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Natural Lifemanship originally catered to mental health and equine professionals doing trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy (TF-EAP). We continue to serve this population, and now also train many others who do not practice EAP and who, in fact, may never work with horses. We therefore speak of the “two buckets” (or foci) of Natural Lifemanship trainings:

All trainings incorporate the foundational science underlying trauma-informed care and teach the NL relationship principles. All TF-EAP trainings and most NL4All trainings also share an experiential component in which participants experience the relationship principles in the context of working with a horse.

Whether you are interested in practicing TF-EAP or in learning Natural Lifemanship for all relationships and applications, we offer two foundational trainings: The Fundamentals of NL and the NL Intensive

Fundamentals of NL and NL Intensive are 3-day training events  designed specifically to teach and provide essential experience in our model. While these trainings were originally designed for the purpose of teaching TF-EAP, they are open to everybody with an interest in Natural Lifemanship as they provide a comprehensive and essential foundation in the model and are not limited to any one application.

We are often asked to train groups of people (schools and other organizations) in Natural Lifemanship trauma-informed relationship principles. These trainings,  collectively called NL for All of Life’s Relationships (NL4All), are offered for those who wish to learn how to create transformative, attuned and connected relationships with others, including but not limited to others with histories of complex trauma. NL4All trainings are not always 3 days in length; they range from a half day to multiple days and often include follow-up consultations based on assessments of the organization’s needs. In NL4All you will learn the same principles and the same science that are used and taught in our Fundamentals and Intensives, but these trainings are designed to accommodate the needs and constraints of the host organization.

NL4ALL trainings may or may not be offered to the general public on our training events listing. If you would like to inquire, or think you may be interested in organizing or hosting an NL4ALL training, please contact us.


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There are several ways to continue your learning with NL:

  1. You may become an NL member and gain access to our members-only resources, such as videos, to support your learning.
  2. You may book consultations with Tim, Bettina or other NL trainers.
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  4. You may enroll in our certification program. If you are thinking of becoming a member and beginning certification, please know that NL membership is included during the first year of the certification program. Read about the costs and requirements of certification.