Rhonda Smith

Executive Director, Spirit Reins


The NL training was awesome

“The Natural Lifemanship training was awesome! We all learned SO much and left the training feeling so energized to do this work with traumatized children in our community. Tim and Bettina have taken what we previously knew about the power of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy to the next level! The experiences that they each bring to this work are invaluable. I learned volumes about brain development in traumatized children and how these powerful experiential therapy techniques can actually help these children heal their brains. I also came away from the training with a new appreciation for the power of relationships in our lives and how horses can help at-risk youth (and their parents) develop meaningful and fulfilling relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Bettina and Tim make an incredibly powerful treatment team and development team for further advances in using this model to help traumatized children, and adults, heal.”