Chris Chandler, M.Ed., LPC


Long testimonial for Tim and Bettina (history)

“I have seventeen years of clinical experience working with adults and children in a clinical setting. Approximately Twelve years ago I met an individual named Tim Jobe. Tim was your stereotypical cowboy with a dirty hat and worn jeans. He knew I was a therapist and began to discuss with me the counseling benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy. I thought to myself,” This man thinks I just fell off the turnip truck. Therapy with horses and children is not prudent, horses don’t talk, or do they?” I was a traditional sit down process therapist at the time. Tim gave me a manual he had written for such programs and asked me to review the material. Reading the manual I was struck by the interventions and therapeutic insights. Still, I was weary of such an approach.

I had to see it to believe it! So I worked with Tim and a group of at risk youth after Tim arranged for me to be trained in EAP. I was sorely stunned how fast these children’s issues manifested in EAP under the close direction and initiative setting provided by Tim because my initial closed-minded beliefs were inaccurate. Therapeutic insights that would take weeks in an office setting would manifest and be dealt with in a most expedient manner, much more efficiently and eloquently than traditional talk therapy. As a skeptic, I quickly succumbed to the anecdotal outcomes that presented and became a strong advocate of Tim and his techniques with horses and clients.

Later, I had Tim work with a group of professionals in team building. In one session I observed most of the disunity within the team manifest during Tim’s initiatives with horses. These were immediately processed by Tim and I in a group setting. Work on issues that could have taken months to resolve were addressed in a much more expedient manner than traditional instruction.

I met Bettina Shultz as young Intern while teaching a college level class. I was excited to see her exuberance for learning and her ability to communicate verbally and in writing. I later was afforded the opportunity to refer clients to Bettina and Tim to work conjointly with my clients in therapy. My clients benefited from her EAP services for a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Bettina is a highly competent and well- rounded expert in many areas of therapy and therapeutic activities, specializing in Equine assisted therapy.

I have also had the great opportunity to work with Tim and Bettina as team in a colt training program. I have observed first hand their effectiveness working with troubling and troubled youth. Their experience and knowledge of Equine Assisted therapy, training, parenting, team building, leadership and professional management are cutting edge. These interventions are appropriate for any agency that works with at-risk youth or large corporations in need of support and instruction in leadership and team building. I would unequivocally recommend their services to anyone needing assistance in these areas of expertise.”