Michael (Brady) Bunch

Case Manager, Southern Christian Home


Group Home Long Testimonial - We Use NL everywhere, everyday

"Southern Christian Home hosted Tim and Bettina Jobe at our Ranch in Morrilton, AR a few years ago. It was our hope that this training would provide clarity to what is happening in the minds of the youth we work with. We also hoped it would provide a practical and educational experience. We hoped using the horses to teach our staff how to approach youth from the moment we encounter them to the time they leave our care would be beneficial. We have had our share of training and I can honestly say we learned more from this experience than any other. We use it every day. Not only do we use Natural Lifemanship principles with our youth, we use it with each other in the organization. Every new staff member attends training and is asked to apply Natural Lifemanship principles.

Working with the horses made the principles soak in. Previous training just didn’t seem to soak in and staff resumed back to their way of doing things. I can tell people all day long that if you apply to much or too little pressure, the results won’t be good. When we can show our staff how to apply just the right amount of pressure using a 1200 lb horse, that’s a memorable experience.

After applying these principles we have seen significant improvement. As time goes on and the brain has a chance to relax and heal, we have seen great success in many of our youth. I won’t tell you that we use these principles perfectly. We continue seeking instruction and have sent staff for the Advanced Natural Lifemanship training. We also use this approach in conjunction with others to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Tim and Bettina are down to earth people. They have extensive knowledge and you will not be disappointed should you choose them to improve your program. They are very personable and took the time to explain areas they could have just as easily sailed right over. They believe in this approach and have the evidence to back it up. As I sit here typing this I think about all of the examples I could give you about how Natural Lifemanship changed parenting in my own home and work relationships.

Why is everyone not using this?"