Michael Dawson, MA, LPC

Executive Director, Philippi Center


Bridges the gap between ground and mounted EAP

"I was attracted to Tim and Bettina Jobe’s Natural Lifemanship approach to equine assisted psychotherapy because it bridges the gap between the methods that rely totally on the use of groundwork and methods that focus primarily on mounted horsemanship. Natural Lifemanship is all about the relationship between the human and the horse, and what that relationship reveals about our relationships with humans. It is not limited to metaphor or the need to achieve anything, it creates real relationships that require us to see ourselves as we really are, and provides the motivation to make needed corrections then and there. As Tim put it, “any trouble that a person has in life is rooted in relationship. “ Participants confront old assumptions, and, remarkably, they can see parallels to their human relationships immediately. And, the Jobes offer more than horse magic as an explanation for why it works. They offer solid, research based explanations for everything that they teach, creating a sound framework for research models that can advance the field. Both Tim and Bettina are wonderful teachers and communicators who care deeply about horses and humans. They inspire me to equip myself better and work more effectively. I began applying the principles from their method to my horsemanship, my counseling, and my life as soon as I began to learn them."