Gwen Murphy, MEd, LPC, NCC, NBCCH

7 Star Horse Therapy


I was amazed at what I learned... parenting and principle of pressure

"I was amazed at what I learned in the 3-day Natural Lifemanship workshop with Tim and Bettina. Their combined knowledge of horses and mental health issues was impressive! Each demonstrated extensive knowledge of his own specialty – Tim with horses, Bettina in Mental Health. But, that knowledge cleanly overlapped the other specialty in ways that greatly enhanced the learning experience. Their techniques and general “laid-back” demeanor present a relaxed, but focused attention to what they are teaching without creating undue anxiety or stress as the participants practice with the horses what they have been taught.

Although I’ve taught various published parenting programs over the years, including my own curriculum (and thought I knew what I was doing), I found that what Tim and Bettina taught about relationship building and the need to learn the concept of “pressure” and “release” with children, as well as horses, is a concept that is missed in the literature. When these concepts are brought into awareness, and people integrate them into their behaviors, the need for power and control over others is totally withdrawn.

A wonderful concept, wonderful program and wonderful presenters!"