Relationship Logic Immersion Training

Relationship Logic Immersion Training

Delve deeper into Relationship Logic™ 

The Relationship Logic Immersion offers 3-Days of Intensive Relational Work with an Untrained Horse. 

The Relationship Logic (RL) Immersion is a 3-day training that focuses on applying NL principles on the ground as you develop a connected relationship with an untrained horse. Participant-trainer ratio is limited to no more than 4:1, with a maximum of 10-12 participants per training.  Relationship Logic is one of the two core components of TF-EAP, along with Rhythmic Riding. Where the client spends most of his or her time, or in what sequence, is entirely dependent on the needs of the particular client. Therapy teams must know the Natural Lifemanship model well enough to discern how and when to use NL ground work and when to use mounted work. Whether the relationship between client and horse is occurring on the ground or mounted, Relationship Logic is always in effect.

Why We Partner with Untrained Horses

Historically, horses have been taught to do the right thing because they were afraid not to. Training techniques were based on fear and intimidation. Natural Lifemanship uses humane, psychological techniques to teach horses to do the right thing because they have come to believe that cooperating with humans (rather than resisting, ignoring, or appeasing them) is the best way to get their needs met. The principles used to teach this are applicable in a wide variety of human interactions. The changes people must make within themselves to be able to apply these principles transfer to many life situations.

Gaining an in depth understanding of the method and mechanics of building a relationship will give you clearer insight into helping your clients build functional and fulfilling relationships through TF-EAP. The benefit of using untrained horses is that you are able to learn relationship principles in their most pure form with a horse who is virtually a “blank slate” when it comes to relating with humans.


TheRL Immersion is required for Advanced Certification (available in 2018!).

The NL Intensive is a pre-requisite for this training.

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