VIRTUAL NL for Spiritual Connection

Take a deep dive into contemplative connection with self and others.

  • Explore the ways in which contemplative spirituality intersects with Natural Lifemanship equine-assisted practice.
  • Experience the power and intimacy of the circle through our biweekly virtual meetings over Zoom.
  • Gain insights and practices to help your clients, and yourself, cultivate a more abiding sense of connection and belonging.

For many the spiritual realm of life is where we seek meaning and belonging; it may also be the place of some of our, or our clients’, deepest wounds. Natural Lifemanship helps us explore, experience, practice, and transform connection patterns in the depths of our being where our sense of self touches its very source and the ground of all being. Experience and learn how NL can help you bring others to a place of deeper connection with self and others, resting in our true nature of absolute belonging. In the Virtual NL for Spiritual Connection, we will meet via Zoom over the course of 5-6 months (twice per month).

We are super excited about this new, virtual format, which allows us to dive deep at a  pace. This will allow each participant to explore, grow, and integrate the content more naturally over a period of time and in the context of our daily lives.

We will meet 12 times (every other week) over a period of ~5 months.

Together, we explore:

  • The way of the circle as a contemplative practice in the context of relationships and community
  • The spiritual journey and the therapeutic process
  • The rhythm of a spiritually connected life
  • Awakening to connection and wonder through contemplative practice
  • The nature of prayer, identity, and choice
  • Discernment as deep connection - attuning to the pressures within
  • Integration


  • Biweekly (every other week) 90-minute meetings over Zoom
  • Small group (no more than 12)
  • Contemplative practices to get grounded and connected
  • Exploration of themes (see above)
  • Circle discussions - listening and speaking from the heart
  • Opportunities for reflection
  • "Homework" assignments - practices and prompts to explore between sessions
  • Group forum
  • NL for Spiritual Connection Manual included

NOTE to Prospective Participants:

This virtual training is participatory as much as it is, didactic. The circle process is central to the experience and provides a safe, intimate space for exploring various facets of contemplative spirituality, personal growth, healing, and Natural Lifemanship principles of connection applied to spiritual life.  The training is non-religious and non-denominational. Although the content is largely drawn from the Christian contemplative tradition, we honor the common roots of all contemplative traditions. People of all belief systems and spiritual orientations are welcome and encouraged to join us in creating a virtual space where everyone belongs. 18 CE credits are awarded.

Biweekly, 90-minute meetings
To attend this training, you must have completed The Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship.

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