June 30, 2020

The Rhythm and Resilience of Spiritual Connection, June 30th, 2020, 3 pm-4:30 CDT

Building Your Resilience

Making a living by offering others your unconditional care and support is no easy feat.  We show up for each and every client and do our best to be our full, authentic, loving and boundaried selves, every day. 

  Working in the mental health and helping professions can be psychologically and emotionally taxing.  We all know, intellectually, that we need deep and restorative self-care in order to be at our best, it is what we encourage our clients to practice...yet, are we really doing it for ourselves?  Now, offering our support to clients is harder than ever.  We are all experiencing stress, anxiety, financial uncertainty, and a complete shift in the way we deliver services.   

If there ever was a time when we needed to focus on filling our own wells, it is now. 

  That’s why The Natural Lifemanship Institute, in collaboration with our students and partner sites, is offering the Building Your Resilience series: multiple online opportunities for profound self-care - through mindfulness, meditation, art, journaling, self-reflection, and more.  We are currently offering  “name-your-price” options. We want any and every practitioner seeking support to be able to find it here, with us.  Please join us for these deeply restorative online workshops in our connected community of helpers and healers.