The NEW! Business Building Master Class

Shannon Sikes-Knapp of Horse Sense of the Carolinas and Bettina Shultz-Jobe of Natural Lifemanship have loved helping equine-assisted practitioners build businesses across the country - and now they‘ve decided to kick it up a notch!

Introducing the NEW Business Building Master Class - the most comprehensive business building course yet. Build the equine business of your dreams!

We all know how hard it is to make a living in this industry - the average person stays in this business of EAP/L for only 2 years.  Bettina and Shannon have maintained their businesses for over 2 decades!  Join them as they walk you through the business-building process, from vision to finalized business plan.  There just aren’t any other opportunities like this out there.

With the NEW Business Building Master Class you will receive:

  • 13 meetings with Bettina and Shannon, for 1.5 hours each (that’s nearly 20 hours of small group, virtual meetings - 4x more than the previous class!)
  • Special guest presenters!
  • Guidance on big picture items like vision and mission, as well as the nitty-gritty like grant writing, insurance, note writing, staff management, contracts (and so much MORE)
  • 2 hours of individual consultation - One with EACH instructor

This course covers a breadth and depth of business questions and concerns.  Both instructors have managed their businesses through a variety of paths - self-owned farms, leasing agreements, non-profit and for-profit - their decades of experience is sure to give you the tools needed to develop a healthy and sustainable business.  Upon completion of the entire course you will have created a necessary and thorough business plan to present for grants, loans, insurance, and more!  

Business planning and building does not have to be a lonely and overwhelming process - join Bettina and Shannon for connection, networking, and substantial business planning support.

Thirteen (13) sessions - 90 minutes each


 Session ONE: Introductions and Vision

A great plan begins with a vision. How do you envision your business?

Session TWO: Mission, Capacity and Demand

What is your purpose and what needs do you fill in your community?

How can you meet the demand and make the greatest impact?

Session THREE: Non vs. For-Profit – Business Structures

Do you know the most important considerations for each business structure?

Session FOUR: Liability Insurance and Risk Management

How do you ensure safety and manage risk?

What kinds of protection do you need for your business, your clients, your staff, and your facility?

Where do you find good insurance and how can you reduce costs?

Session FIVE: Ethics and Scope of Practice

What are your ethical guidelines?

What are the ethical challenges specific to this field?

What is an “ethics support system” and why do you need one?

Session SIX: Clinical Notes

What do you need to know about writing good clinical notes/professional documentation?

How can your notes help you meet goals for program evaluation, research, and grant or contract requirements?

Session SEVEN: Income (including passive income)

Revenue streams are the lifeblood of your business; how do you design them?

The next few sessions cover some primary sources of revenue for EA businesses.

Session EIGHT: Billing Health Insurance

What are the pros and cons of accepting insurance for services?

What codes can be used for your services?

How can you streamline the billing process?

What are some software programs that can assist with billing?

Session NINE: Grants and Grant Writing; Policies and Procedures Overview

What are the core components of almost all grant applications and requests for proposals (RFPs)?

Do you know what policies and procedures you need to have in place for your organization specific to this field?

Learn how to write grants your organization can live with AND that get accepted.

Session TEN: Contracts and Proposals; MOUs (Memoranda of Understanding)

How to write them, what to include, and all other considerations!

We will review sample contracts and proposals, line by line, highlighting what NOT to overlook.

Session ELEVEN: Fundraising, Marketing, Demonstrations; Generating Clients; Raising Awareness

What key programs do you need to have in place?

Where do you learn about fundraising?

What essential marketing collateral do you need?

What to do/not to do in demonstrations.

How do you asses your market, and create a marketing strategy?

Session TWELVE: Expenses

We’ll discuss all things expenses.  Not the fun part, but so important!

We will review sample fixed and variable expenses, in detail.

Session THIRTEEN: Human Resources – Managing Volunteers and Staff; Contract Workers versus Hourly Employees

What are the laws and how do they affect your business?

Individual contracts versus staff

Managing volunteers

Onboarding processes

Clear expectations and job descriptions

*** TWO Individual Consultations are Included.***

Between each of the 13 class sessions, you will complete homework assignments enabling you to develop your business as we progress.

You will also receive a personal consultation with each instructor to talk about your business and get personal guidance.


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