NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit


The NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit is a powerful addition to your sensory toolkit and can be used very effectively with or without horses. This kit is ideal for therapists and equine professionals for use in EAP sessions, as well as other equine assisted practitioners such as those who do hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, or equine assisted mindfulness. The NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit features two attachable, fully adjustable dangling bells that chime with the rhythm of movement. By attaching these bells to your client and/or to yourself or your client’s horse, you facilitate awareness of movement, rhythm, and connection through the delicate, pleasant chime of the rhythm bells.

What you get:

  • Two beautiful, symmetrically beaded bells with three versatile methods for attaching the rhythm bells (carabiner, clip, loop). The length of each bell is fully adjustable.
  • A soft carrying pouch for each bell
  • An easy-to-follow illustrated instructional guide
  • Access to an online CE-approved course demonstrating and explaining methods for effectively using the Rhythm Bells with clients and horses (Earn 2.5 CE hours).

Healthy brains thrive on rhythm! Rhythmic sensory input and movement are vital for healthy brain development, growth and organization. The NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit makes it easy to create rhythmic sensory input and connection wherever there is rhythmic movement, such as on the back of a horse or while walking.

Simply clip each rhythm bell to a saddle or an article of clothing and the beautiful, beaded bells provide a bright, delicate tone that chimes in sync with rhythmic movement. Each Rhythm Bell Connection Kit comes with two bells with versatile methods for attaching the bells to a person or a horse. Online videos and an instructional guide are also included. You will learn how to help yourself and your clients hear and feel the rhythm of movement, the rhythm of connection, and the rhythms of the natural world.

Use one bell to help a client attune to rhythmic sensory input connected with his or her own body’s movement or the movement of the horse. Use both bells to draw attention to the rhythmic connection between client and horse, or between client and another person.

The Rhythm Bell Connection Kit is an effective yet economical way to bring bottom-up regulation, sensory integration, connection and mindfulness into your equine assisted practice!

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