NL Personal Immersion

“We hold the hand that holds the hand”

Here at The Natural Lifemanship Institute, it is our mission to empower professionals through education and healing connection - we believe we “hold the hands” of the many professionals out there who do important healing work with others, every single day.  Often in our trainings participants remark on the very personal nature of learning to do effective relational work and wish for more time to focus on themselves - something that just isn’t possible during an educational training.

We have heard your requests and are thrilled to present a new offering from The Natural Lifemanship Institute!


NL Personal Immersion: Earning secure attachment through self-discovery and genuine connection.

You cannot take clients where you have not been. As mental health professionals, we join clients through some of their most challenging moments - and as humans, we experience plenty of our own challenging moments as well.  Love, grief, and transformation are integral to every life. To truly serve our clients, we must have up-close and personal contact with navigating these universal experiences of connection and loss, joy and sorrow, peace and discord - intimately knowing these aspects of the human experience makes us better clinicians!  

Ultimately for ourselves, and in our work with clients, we hope to develop a more secure attachment; it isn’t just about people, but rather about every aspect of connection - our relationship with self, with an experience, with a place, with an idea - our attachment style impacts our relating in all senses of the word.  But what does secure attachment look like? Feel like? What does “earning” a secure attachment entail? In this workshop we will explore all these questions and more, from a very personal place...from your attachment style.  

We are SO excited about this - all participants will receive an Adult Attachment Interview prior to attending to personalize and inform their 4-day process.

How aware are you of your attachment style? Do you know how it impacts your relating, and in particular, how it impacts your work with clients? Participate in active learning as you explore your own approach to the world, and how intentional therapeutic experiences can move us all toward more secure attachment.  


During our four days together, you will be offered time to connect with yourself and with others in a variety of experiences, with a low trainer to participant ratio - creating a dynamic environment for connection, reflection, and self-discovery.

Participants will have opportunities to engage in:

  • Groundwork and mounted work with horses
  • Personalized Equine Connected EMDR sessions
  • Therapeutic drumming and movement
  • Psychodrama
  • Somatic Work
  • Mind-Body Movement
  • Individual Reiki (or other supportive and co-regulating touch)
  • Nature and art therapy activities
  • and more!



This workshop is for professionals in the mental health field who have taken either an in person or online fundamentals of NL training. CEUs will be offered! Be prepared to feel supported and nurtured on your path to secure attachment, through a variety of both verbal and non-verbal therapies.  At the end of the four days, you will carry home new insights, more connection, and a better integration of Natural Lifemanship in practice.

This training may be counted towards the requirements for Advanced NL Certification. 


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