NL Advanced Certification

Advanced Natural Lifemanship Certification is available to all who have completed basic NL Certification. There is no sign up fee for Advanced Certification, however the following requirements must be met:

  1. You must complete the NL Basic Certification course.
  2. You must maintain active NL Membership (to maintain certification status)
  3. You must attend both Immersion trainings: The Rhythmic Riding Immersion and the Relationship Logic Immersion
  4. You must be willing to volunteer up to a few hours of your time to mentor (via phone or other means) a student who is in the process of completing basic NL certification

When you become enrolled in Basic Certification for your chosen certification path, you are automatically enrolled in the basic certification course (where you will keep track of all your required activities), as well as the Advanced and Specialization courses. The Advanced and Specialization Certification courses will become accessible to you once you complete Basic Certification. Please keep track of the requirements that you meet towards either of these certifications because you will, in most cases, be able to apply them once you are eligible to begin the process.

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