September 20, 2019

Natural Lifemanship Intensive - September 20th-22nd, 2019, Horse Sense of the Carolinas, Marshall, NC

Natural Lifemanship Intensive

At the Natural Lifemanship Intensive:

Experience the process of deepening trust in a connected relationship with a horse. Practice responding to the horse’s behaviors in ways that build the relationship. Learn to facilitate the process for others.


  • How one’s beliefs about partnership with a horse may support or interfere with healthy connection
  • How mindfulness is a practice that fosters attunement with self and others, and thus helps us develop healthy connection
  • How both mindfulness and practicing attachment and detachment with a horse through Natural Lifemanship are ways of developing a stronger internal sense of connection, or “secure attachment”
  • Ways to help others go from reactivity to calm through bottom up regulation
  • Practical skills that help clients learn to self regulate during sessions


  • The relationship with a horse as an opportunity to practice being mindful and present, and thus open to connection
  • Increasing awareness of how connection or the lack of connection feels in the body
  • The process of helping others as they work to form a connected relationship with a horse, overcoming the internal resistance and patterns that arise


  • Connect the dots between nuanced principles of relationship building with a horse through Natural Lifemanship and building trust in relationships with others as sensitivity and vulnerability increase.
  • Build neural connections for clients and horses by practicing activities that engage and regulate different areas of the brain


  • The Natural Lifemanship Intensive is an advanced, 3-day live event
  • The second of two trainings required for NL Certification (must be completed after attending the Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship training)
  • Intensive, hands-on experience - no more than 12 participants with 3 trainers
  • Work in teams of two or three with one horse throughout the training progressively building a relationship based on connection and trust while facilitating the process for your partners
  • Earn 18.75 CEs (NBCC & NAADAC)
  • Some online preparatory work is required prior to the training