Natural Lifemanship Connection Kits


Natural Lifemanship Connection Kits: Tools for Building a Relational Brain

  • Help others overcome anxiety and stress. Transform emotional reactivity. Promote healthy connection.
  • Our science-based processes are easy, fun, safe and effective. Help your clients or students become calm and connected through the trauma-informed practice of bottom-up regulation.
  • Always have the tools you need when you need them – outdoors or indoors, with or without horses.

The Natural Lifemanship Connection Kits are available in three different options. Click to learn more about each kit.

NL Essential Connection Kit

NL Drum Connection Kit

NL Rhythm Bell Connection Kit

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Tools for Building a Relational Brain

If you understand the science of trauma and stress, you know that people need more than words to help them regain calm when they are stuck in “fight or flight” mode. The lower regions of the brain must be regulated for people to be calm, connected and present. Self-regulation can be challenging to anyone experiencing high levels of stress and for those with unresolved trauma. With the right knowledge, skills and available tools you can greatly help people regain calm through bottom-up regulation.

The Natural Lifemanship Connection Kit is your bottom-up regulation solution! Each kit has everything you need to provide experiences that regulate the brain in specific ways, producing immediate results, helping people go from a reactive state to a state that is calm and connected. Each kit comes with guidebooks, instructions and online videos demonstrating ways the tools are used to target and regulate the four major regions of the brain.

Whether you work in an office, a classroom, outdoors or with horses, you will have what you need when you need it to help people become calm, connected and present in the moment.

There are solutions to fit every need and every budget!

  • Access the knowledge, processes and tools to integrate trauma-informed care into your practice, wherever you are!
  • Learn the NL processes for using tools to organize the brain. Help your clients to become calm, present and connected in the moment.
  • Practice science-based activities that engage the body and brain resulting in lasting changes.
  • The Natural Lifemanship Connection Kits can be used both indoors and outdoors, with or without horses.
  • These toolkits are specially designed for counselors, social workers, teachers, mindfulness coaches, and those who deliver equine-assisted practices.
  • They are also valuable for parents, camp counselors, retreat leaders, and others for whom calm, regulated connection is a priority.

Each kit comes with:

  • The science-based NL processes for becoming calm, connected and present in the moment.
  • Tried and tested tools that are safe, effective and appropriate for use in equine assisted therapy sessions, nature- or office-based therapy or life coaching, classrooms, camps, and homes.
  • Illustrated guides with easy-to-follow activities.
  • Immediate access to online videos demonstrating the effective uses of each tool in ways that regulate the brain and build connection.