Natural Lifemanship Conference

Join us October 17-19, 2019 for a deep dive into Natural Lifemanship Trauma Informed Specialties!


Join us again at beautiful Miracle Farm in Brenham, TX to explore some of the powerful ways you can specialize within Natural Lifemanship’s Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Learning.  This conference is unique! We asked folks what they'd like to learn and experience at our next conference, and the overwhelming consensus was that people wanted to take a deeper look into integrating NL with other trauma-informed specialties.

What to Expect

Our 2019 conference will offer exactly that! It is specially designed to advance your skills to better help your clients. Rather than attending several sessions throughout each day, each participant will choose ONE workshop per day so that they may dive more deeply into a specialty. After a plenary session each morning with a keynote speaker, you will spend the ENTIRE day in hands-on learning and practice of one specialty, in a small group of no more than 25 people.  You will walk away from this conference with THREE different deep dives into Natural Lifemanship specialities. We are offering an optional 4th day where you have the opportunity to not only learn an NL speciality but also experience it in a personal way. If you stay for Day 4, you'll get to experience an NL specialty like a client would, enhancing your own personal growth and development.

Why attend the NL Deep Dive Conference?

  • This is a completely unique conference!  You will have the experience of spending full days immersed in trauma informed specialties - like attending 3 mini trainings!
  • Learn from the best!  Keynotes from prominent professionals in the trauma world on the topics of relationship, trauma-informed care, and ethics - each morning.
  • Strengthen your skills! Deepen your equine assisted work by developing specialized approaches to working with your clients.
  • An optional retreat day!  Optional Day 4 is focused on YOUR personal growth because how we show up in session matters!

We are thrilled to announce keynote speakers for the 2019 conference!

Philip Tedeschi, MSW, LCSW - Clinical Professor, Executive Director - Institute for Human-Animal Connection, University of Denver

Philip is globally recognized for his work in the field of animal-assisted interventions and human-animal connection. His co-edited book, Transforming Trauma: Resilience and Healing Through Our Connections with Animals, is currently in press and due to be published in July, 2019. During his keynote session Philip will address the ethics of doing animal-assisted work.

View Philip's TEDx talk.


Leif Hallberg, M.A., LPC, LCPC is an internationally-acclaimed author, educator, experiential psychotherapist, and avid lover of nature and animals. Her professional career and life’s work have centered around researching the human-equine bond, and studying the industry of equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning.

During her keynote address, The Way Forward, Leif will present research findings from two recent international cross-sectional surveys she conducted in partnership with Oregon State University and Idaho State University that highlight the current state of the industry. These results have far-reaching implications for the future of equine-assisted mental health and equine-assisted learning. This important presentation offers the opportunity to generate new ideas about the path forward, and foster a deeper sense of collaboration and unity within the industry.

Leif's books considered essential resources for academic and professional education, research, and clinical practice.

The Clinical Practice of Equine-Assisted Therapy: Including Horses in Human Health

The Equine-Assisted Therapy Workbook: A Learning Guide for Professionals and Students

Walking the Way of the Horse: Exploring the Power of the Horse-Human Relationship

Workshops - Participants choose one per day (a total of 3 for the conference).

*Check back often for updates as sessions and presenters are confirmed and descriptions become available.

Conference Workshops  <<<Click Here

Day One

  • Natural Lifemanship for Groups
  • Rainy Day Activities:  Trauma informed experiential activities for building connection when horses are not an option
  • NL with Veterans
  • Attachment as a Somatic Experience

Day Two

  • Equine Connected EMDR (EC-EMDR)
  • Connected Horsemanship
  • NL for Clients in Early Childhood
  • Daring with Horses Deep Dive:  Using The Daring Way to Explore Our Vulnerability as NL Facilitators

Day Three

  • NL for Substance Use and Recovery
  • Rhythm, Music, and Movement in your NL Sessions
  • Daring with Horses Deeper Dive:  Using The Daring Way to Explore Our Vulnerability as NL Facilitators
  • Creating Nature and Sensory-Rich Equine Experiences

Don't want to go home yet? Stay an extra day (October 20th)! Sign up for a Day 4 retreat-style workshop (choose from one of five options limited to 15 participants each).

To sign up for Day 4, first add the 2019 conference registration to your cart, then look for the "You may be interested in..." section and choose the Day 4 add-on.

Retreat Workshops  <<<Click Here

  • Rhythm, Movement, and Mindfulness
  • Your Personal Journey to an Earned Secure Attachment
  • NL for Spiritual Connection
  • School of Self
  • Co-Regulating Touch: A Somatic Self-Care Retreat

Our hope is that these experiences will help you practice what you preach, and dive deeply into specialties that will leave you feeling connected, confident, and ready to get to work!

It pays to sign up soon! First 30 registrants receive FREE bunk housing onsite at Miracle Farm, if desired. You may also book your accommodations offsite at your own expense, if you choose.

Additionally, due to the intimate nature of each workshop, tickets are limited and may sell out quickly. If you wish to secure your spot, please sign up soon!


  • 3 DAYS ONLY:  $1,200 (NL Members get 10% discount, or $120 off registration)
  • DAY 4 ADD-ON:  $350 (NL Members get 10% discount, or $35 off registration)

NOTE: Save money by becoming a member! An annual Basic Membership subscription costs $150/yr and will save you $155 on the conference registration for the full 4 days, or $120 if you choose Days 1-3 only.

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9am to 5pm