Become Certified

We currently offer NL Certifications for licensed mental health professionals who do trauma-focused equine-assisted psychotherapy (TF-EAP), for practitioners in other helping professions (e.g., life coaches, consultants, etc.) who use horses to help people, and for equine professionals who co-facilitate EAP sessions or support other kinds of equine assisted work. We also offer NLC-R (relationship) certification for professional and personal applications specifically for people who do not use horses in their work.

CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE or to SIGN UP for NL certification.

The fee is $99 to sign-up and requires an active Professional Membership subscription. 

There are costs associated with trainings and consultations not included in the sign-up fee. 

IMPORTANT: You must have a practice with actual clients to pursue certification. If you are just getting started and do not have clients, we encourage you to attend trainings, become a member and learn, and even book consultations to help you get started. However, certification is for those who have are engaged in an active practice using Natural Lifemanship.

Upon completion of this order, you will be enrolled in a certification course that you will complete at your own pace as you fulfill the requirements of your selected certification path. Upon sign-up, you will find your certification course with instructions in your Dashboard under Courses.

Basic Certification Paths – choose the one that reflects the work you currently do:

  • NLC-P for practitioners (therapists, coaches, etc.) who work with an equine professional to deliver equine-assisted services
  • NLC-P,EP for practitioners who have the horse experience needed to deliver equine-assisted services with or without a partner
  • NLC-EP for equine professionals who partner with practitioners to deliver equine-assisted services
  • NLC-R for professionals whose work is trauma-informed, developmentally sensitive and relational and who do not provide equine-assisted services (people who work in schools and other human services)

NOTE: Advanced and Specialty certifications are optional courses available to anybody who completes Basic certification. There is no sign-up fee for Advanced or Specialty certification, however there are additional trainings and/or consultations required.