Practitioner Listing - Kelly M Jones

Kelly M Jones


Kelly, owner of South Wind Equestrian Center in Leander, outside of Austin, Texas, has owned her ranch since 1999. Starting with a riding lesson and boarding program, she learned that there is so much more to these sentient beings than a vessel to ride on. Over time relationships became her focus, and she attended a NL Fundamentals training in 2013. She interned with Tim Jobe for 7 months, and brought this life changing modality of treatment to her farm and began an EAP program in the Fall of 2015. Since then Kelly has worked with 6 therapists and gained over 1000 hours working in a therapy team. Her ranch has grown to accommodate this amazing process, with two air conditioned offices, 4 round pens and a labyrinth and walking trails. Clients and therapy teams have the opportunity to work with horses that are outside 24/7 in herds that are all healthy and safe. This peaceful place encourages vulnerability and healing.


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