Kate Naylor

LMFT; NLC-P,EP; NL Trainer

Kate is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Natural Lifemanship Clinician, Equine Professional, and Trainer in Austin, Texas. Kate integrated Natural Lifemanship into her therapy practice in 2014, after attending her first fundamentals training and falling in love with the TF-EAP approach. Since her first introduction to NL, Kate has been training under Tim and Bettina Jobe in Texas, working as a therapist and equine professional with clients and a variety of horses in private practice. Kate specializes in work with parents and families focusing on relational and parenting difficulties; as well as therapists and coaches wanting to become more aware of how they show up in their personal and professional lives. She also offers consultation for those going through NL certification. Kate serves as Director of Trainer Development and Community Engagement for Natural Lifemanship.

MA in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy Natural Lifemanship Certified Practitioner, Equine Professional, Trainer Certified in Trauma Conscious Yoga Method Ongoing advanced practice in Psychodrama under Bill Woodburn


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