Practitioner Listing - H Lynn Clifford

H Lynn Clifford


In this beautiful yet busy world, choosing self care, authenticity and personal accountability has become a necessity in order to foster life-sustaining connection with self and other. Whether you choose live or distance counseling, or to work together with horses in a holistic manner, honoring and eliciting the innate dignity which exists in all living beings is the guiding mission behind the offerings you will find through the programs. In a world that is continually making technological advances and moving at a faster pace, the overarching vision of the services offered herein is to connect people with their optimal and whole selves, their creativity, the natural world and cycles, and the other beings of this earth—including animals, and especially horses. May this, in turn, serve the overall good of the planet.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of New Mexico Third generation equestrian professional with emphasis on holistic horsemanship and classical dressage through the upper levels. Workshop with Linda Kohanov and Kathleen Ingram of Tao of Equus; the McCormicks of Horse Sense and The Human Heart; The Relational Brain: The Neurobiology of Relational Life Therapy & How it Works to Rewire Your Brain with Terry Real and Julianne Taylor Shore; previous certification through EAGALA 2. Two Vision Quests; Reiki 2 Certification. Numerous other somatic/body-centered and spiritual emphasis workshops. Continuous and passionate life learner! Natural Lifemanship Fundamentals program completed in 2019 and embarking on double certification process in 2021 as NLC-C, EP.


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