Darcy Scott


My aim as a therapist is to give you a space so you can break the patterns that are holding you back. I believe that people often operate from the basis of their story: what has happened in their lives and what they know and how they feel. My goal is to help you understand your collection of experiences, thoughts and feelings in order to assist you in reaching your goals. I will do my best to understand you, and I am going to laugh and cry with you through the process- especially laugh. I offer individual counseling, teletherapy, walk and talk sessions, and equine assisted psychotherapy/learning (EAP/L) sessions. EAP/L sessions are held at a stable in Kyle, TX. Working with horses can provide an experiential outlet in making changes in our patterns and relationships. I often will incorporate traditional counseling sessions combined with EAP/L work. If you are seeking healing and longing, I am here to help.

TX LPC #70163 CBIS – Certified Brain Injury Specialist Currently working toward certification for Natural Lifemanship Trauma Informed Equine Assisted Psychotherapy/Learning


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