Reccia Jobe

NLC-P,EP; NL Trainer

Natural Lifemanship Trainer, Practitioner, Equine Professional. I maintain a caseload of TF-EAP clients with a few different therapists in the Austin, TX area. I also facilitate personal growth & development/learning using the NL model. I am trained and formerly certified in the Neurosequential Model of the Therapeutics and EAGALA. I am experienced in working with children 3-18 yrs and their caregivers, adults, with a variety of diagnoses both residential and private practice. I have been refining my practice of the NL model for over 9 yrs. I am available to contract for TF-EAP sessions for therapists in the area who need an experienced EP who is very well versed in implementing the NL model in session. I am also available for consultation for Equine Professionals on how to implement this model for your practice and for therapists on what to look for in a good EP. I can also provide consultation on how to integrate NL with your existing practices or organization.


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