Practitioner Listing - Cindy Martin

Cindy Martin

Program Director, EP

Little Springs Farm (LSF) partners with Bethany Christian Services (BCS) of Central PA, providing clinical equine therapy to children and families. LSF Equine Professionals and BCS Clinical Therapists work as a team, providing individualized treatment for each child. Cindy is trauma informed, trained in NL, currently in the process of certification as EP. This program serves children who've experienced trauma resulting from abuse, neglect, separation from primary caregiver, and other stressful events. Using NL principles while working with horses in a relaxed setting, we have seen this modality work well for those who are resistant to traditional talk therapy. In addition, LSF offers a Recreational Riding program, facilitated by Practitioners trained in NL. This program is a sensory rich, positive experience that encourages healthy social interaction, and enhances self esteem. This is NOT psychotherapy, and we accept respite funds through SWAN. Contact Cindy for success stories!


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