Practitioner Listing - Sharon Yockey

Sharon Yockey


I am a founding partner of Transformative Wellness LLC, which provides behavioral health counseling treatment to our community and beyond. Transformative Wellness, LLC, was founded on the vision of guiding individuals in the transformation of self to live more fulfilling lives. I believe in a "wholistic" approach (whole person - environmental, psychological, vocational, physiological, social, emotional, and spiritual) using innovative ways to promote personal growth and wellness. Our practice is founded on trauma-informed care. As a certified clinical trauma professional, I specialize in unique, evidenced-based treatment modalities designed to alleviate adverse symptoms which are caused by underlying trauma. These treatment techniques, include: Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, and EMDR. These modalities have enabled me to assist in healing not only the person's psychological and emotional wellness, but the physiological changes trauma has caused to the brain.


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