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Lori Kimmerly


I grew up surrounded by "important" people in my life who loved, owned, rode and/or trained horses. One of my grandfathers was a horse trainer My sister had a horse that I'm not even sure how she had the money for and raced around barrels. My husband grew up with horses and memories of trail rides. My daughter rides competitively as a 3 day eventer. What I've always loved is people. Helping people, in particular. I've been a therapist for ten years and loved every moment. It wasn't until I watched lesson after lesson with my daughter on her horse that I began to see the power of that relationship and connection. The more time she took, the more time I was surrounded by horses myself. I went to a Natural Lifemanship training, and another, and another and saw how my love of people aligned with my family history of loving horses. I'd love to share with you how that works and fits and help you develop better relationships with deeper attachment, meaning and connection.


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