Partner Host Sites


HSOTC_bg-bannerHorse Sense of the Carolinas, Marshall, North Carolina

Horse Sense of the Carolinas is the site for many of our trainings in the Southeast. They provide equine-assisted psychotherapy and training in NL and other EAP models. They also provide business consultation and support for organizations wishing to develop their EAP businesses.


denary-logo Denary, Austin, Texas

Denary specializes in business consulting and leadership development. After attending a Natural Lifemanship training, one of their principals saw the value of using Natural Lifemanship trainings to enhance executive development by promoting authenticity in leaders’ communication and ways of being. They are our partners in developing and executing our Equine-Assisted Leadership Program: The Being, Language and Doing of Leadership.



Miracle Farm, Brenham, Texas

Rooted in Christian faith and western heritage, Miracle Farm’s one-of-a-kind ranch helps struggling young men experience healing, earn an education, and learn respect. Through their innovative horse program and on-site academic and vocational training, young men establish and achieve goals for a lifetime, and learn to believe in themselves as something more than society has painted them to be. It all happens in a safe, structured environment where they have the opportunity to turn their lives around and become responsible men.



Windows To My SoulSomerset, California

Windows is our preferred training site on the west coast. They use Natural Lifemanship principles to help veterans as well as individuals with developmental disabilities. Windows To My Soul has a wonderful, caring staff of volunteers, mental health professionals, and equine professionals with a strong focus on community and connection.


Rocky Mountain-EAP, Littleton, Colorado

Rocky Mountain-EAP works with individuals, youth, and families who have experienced trauma or difficult life transitions. Dana and Carina also provide a beautiful, safe learning environment for those attending the Natural Lifemanship trainings they host.


Tyson’s Corners Retreat and Wellness Center, Lampasas, Texas

Tyson’s Corners Retreat and Wellness Center is dedicated to providing a place for God’s people to find healing and restoration. Devoted towards the promotion of healthy living, Tyson’s Corners offers insightful retreats based on wellness and resiliency, as well as experiential learning and therapies in a peaceful, enchanting Texas Hill Country setting.



SpringHaven Counseling Center, Dundee, Ohio

Uniquely situated in the gently rolling hills of North Central Ohio, in Holmes and Wayne County, SpringHaven Counseling Center provides private compassionate mental health counseling and psychiatric care to individuals and families from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Our rural and woodland setting invites serenity, emotional safety, and a calm spaciousness conducive to personal reflection.


Changing Rein, Graham, Washington

Our Hands on Horses program for teens inspires youth to find new ways of thinking about themselves,  making positive choices and what healthy relationships look like.


Discovery Horse, Fort Ripley, Minnesota

Discovery Horse’s main objective is to foster the dynamic relationship between Horse and Human. It is through this unique relationship that healing can begin and self discovery and evolution can expand.


Soulful Prairies, Woodstock, Illinois

It is here at Soulful Prairies where all the beauty of the world blends into a masterpiece. The native conservation land, the fish and wild life preserved pond and the restored wetlands and prairies bring awareness to a natural approach of caring for our planet. Soulful Prairies offers clinics and holds fund raisers for local organizations throughout the year.   The tranquility of the land is a place where healing and the horse human-connection can be explored without limitations.