NLC Certifications

NL Certification (NLC) prepares you to effectively use NL relationship principles in your work.

We are now accepting enrollees in NLC-EP, NLC-C, and NLC-PGW certification programs. The pathway to certification is similar for all. It involves completing an Intensive training and participating in individual and group consultations supporting you in applying NL to your work with clients. The certification enrollment fee includes NL membership the initial year and a student dashboard where you can document and keep track of your progress. In conjunction with consultations, there will be some assignments that provide you opportunities for reflection and exercising a new way of thinking based on NL principles, and extending those principles to the work the work that you do.

If you are:

An Equine Professional who does other kinds of equine-assisted work (not TF-EAP)

A licensed mental health professional who does not use horses in therapy work 

A life coach, spiritual coach, or other type of personal growth and wellness professional