NL for Parents and Caregivers

Learn Natural Lifemanship™ for Parents!

  • Do any of your children struggle with strong emotions or impulsivity?
  • Do they often overreact or have difficulty coping with stress?
  • Do they find relationships challenging?
  • Have they been through highly stressful or traumatic experiences?
  • Are you unsure how to help or how to effectively address their challenging behaviors?

Natural Lifemanship will help you:

  • Understand what is going on in your child’s brain, physiologically speaking.
  • Learn how to harness the power of your relationship with your child to help him or her develop the ability to do “we” thinking instead of “me” thinking.

Workshops are for parents, guardians, caregivers and anyone in the extended family or support network

Attend a 3–hour NL for Parents introductory workshop and learn:shutterstock_286181405

  • How a healthy brain develops* and the kinds of experiences your child needs to develop resilience, well-being, and great relationships with self and others.
  • The simple yet empowering Natural Lifemanship™ principles that help your children develop the ability to make good choices because they care about their relationships.

*Much of what we know about healthy brain development is from studying what happens in the brain developmentally when things go wrong. Research has shown that the experience of trauma during childhood or even toxic levels of stress in-utero directly impact the ways in which children’s cognitive, emotional, behavioral and social-relational traits unfold. NL principles are informed by this research and based on what we have learned from horses and from children who have experienced trauma.

Attend a 2-day NL for Parents intensive workshop and practice:

  • How to apply the NL principles to build an internal sense of connection with your child when you’re together and when you’re apart.
  • Bottom up regulation: We will focus on the importance of co-regulation – the unique role that you play in helping your child learn self-control.
  • Experience what it feels like in your body when horses behave in the ways that your kids do. Horses do what kids do – they ignore, they resist, and sometimes they cooperate! You will experience these responses and learn how to effectively respond through working with a horse. You will then be better prepared to respond effectively and appropriately to your children’s behaviors.
  • Build your support network! Connect with other parents who are striving to build healthy, connected relationships with their kids.

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