NL Intensive Training

The NL Intensive provides the opportunity for you to build a connected relationship with a horse over the course of the three-day training. Each pair of participants is partnered with one horse and you will practice Natural Lifemanship principles to build connection through attachment and detachment, first on the ground, and eventually mounted, on a bareback pad in the round pen. This training involves trained horses that are safe to ride, but the focus is not riding; it is building a deepening connection within the relationship through ground and mounted work, which we call Rhythmic Riding.

This experience prepares you to guide clients through the process of cultivating a deep, transformative connection with their therapy horse. The participant-trainer ratio is low: no more than 4 participants per NL trainer.

The NL Intensive training is required of all who seek NL Certification. It is also a prerequisite to attending the Rhythmic Riding or Relationship Logic Immersion trainings.

The Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship is a pre-requisite to this training.

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