NL Conference Retreat-style Workshops (Day 4 add-on)

NL Conference Retreat-style Workshops (Day 4 add-on)

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Day Four Retreat-style Workshops (Sunday, October 20)

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Rhythm, Movement, and Mindfulness


Shannon Knapp, Reccia Jobe, and Mary Oliver

Your Personal Journey to an Earned Secure Attachment


Bettina Shultz-Jobe, Tim Jobe, Jim Harlow, and Bonnie Harlow

NL for Spiritual Connection


Laura McFarland and Kathleen Choe

School of Self


Sara Sherman

Co-Regulating Touch: A Somatic Self-Care Retreat

So many helping professionals begin their careers in childhood, learning early to caretake for others as a survival strategy in relationships. Giving can become chronic to the point where receiving is not just unfamiliar but uncomfortable. And yet, underneath this way of managing attachment insecurity and suppressing needs is often a deep longing for connection and support that goes beyond words. This equine-assisted retreat will offer help for the helpers, an opportunity to explore the felt sense of support as a relational and somatic experience. Drawing on Somatic Experiencing, attachment theory, and relational somatic touch work, the retreat will feature activities with other participants, the herd, and individual horses that include:

  • Exploring how the body holds up, holds on, holds in, holds back, and holds together through armoring patterns
  • Voicing needs and following the body’s impulses and attractions
  • Identifying the conditions and containment that support safety, settling, and releasing
  • Experiencing the support of the environment, the herd, the group field, and individual participants
  • Consent-based touch-oriented activities, including self-touch, receiving touch, and offering touch
  • Developing capacity to work through activation associated with receiving support and with support being removed
  • Internalizing the embodied experience of co-regulating support as a resource

A select number of participants will experience somatic touch support on a treatment table in the presence of horses and the group field. Participants who are interested in experiencing table work will do an intake session by phone or video with Sarah prior to the retreat to determine readiness and fit.


Sarah Schlote, MA, RP, CCC, SEP
Owner of EQUUSOMA™

Kate Naylor