Natural Lifemanship Horse Clinic

Redefining Horse and Human Partnerships: Deepen your relationship with your horse through Natural Lifemanship Principles



Natural Lifemanship elevates the horse-human relationship to an entirely different level by teaching you to approach your relationship with your horse as you would any healthy relationship –  based on trust and mutual respect. The same principles that help humans heal the scars of trauma and develop the ability to do “we thinking” instead of just “me thinking” do the same for horses.

We believe that by treating the horse-human relationship as a real and equal partnership, and applying the same principles to all of life’s relationships, we are fostering a connection that helps both horses and humans reach their fullest potential to connect meaningfully and enjoy deeply rewarding relationships with self and with others.


During this 3-day clinic, you will learn

  • What we believe about the horse-human relationship and the science underlying our beliefs
  • Why the language we use is so intentional and importantIMG_0337
  • Why we teach principles and not techniques
  • The Natural Lifemanship(™) principles for building a partnership in which each chooses to cooperate with the other because they value the relationship (not because of coercion, manipulation, fear or appeasement)
  • You will learn and apply these principles with your own horse over the course of the clinic
  • Space is available for auditors, who will observe but not participate in the clinic

The NL Horse Clinic is highly individualized. We will start at the beginning with how we build a relationship. From there, we will help you identify the places in your relationship with your horse in which there is the most potential for growth, and help you explore those areas through applying Natural Lifemanship principles.

This clinic is ultimately about you learning how to control yourself appropriately, NOT learning how to control your horse.

There are two ways to participate in this clinic:

  • FULL Participant: Bring your horse and benefit from 3 days of intensive relationship building with your horse, guided by our trainers
  • Auditor: Come as an auditor and benefit from all the teaching, guidance and relationship-building work by observing

Clinic Costs

  • Cost to participate in the clinic with your horse: $1800 (maximum FULL participants – 6 horse/human pairs).
  • Cost to audit this clinic (maximum 25 auditors per day):
    • Day one only: $125
    • Days one and two only: $200
    • All three days: $250

What is included?

  • Full participants: lunch, snacks and beverages each day are provided, as well as dinner and entertainment Saturday night and a special gift of a no-tie halter to take home.
  • Auditors: Snacks and beverages are included. Lunch may be added for $10 per day and dinner/entertainment Saturday night for $25. The halter may be purchased, as well.

Where can I stay and/or board my horse?

  • You will need to make your own arrangements for lodging. Suggested lodging options near the venue are provided when you sign up.
  • You may keep your horse in its round pen over night or make your own arrangements for boarding.

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