Kate Naylor, LMFT, NLC-C,EP

As a nature-based therapist, former school teacher, and horsewoman, Kate believes strongly in our interconnectedness – our own mind/body/soul as well our connection with others and the larger web of life.  Since beginning her journey with Natural Lifemanship in 2014, Kate has grown more and more inspired by the transformational work of Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.  Her life-long experiences in various equestrian disciplines, and her clinical background in neurobiology, family systems, and trauma merged into a career that Kate is passionate about.  The addition of becoming a trainer for NL has energized her even further – whether she is leading trainings or in session with clients, Kate’s purpose is to provide the kind of relationship that allows others to be fully seen and heard.  She combines mindfulness, yoga, nature, systems work, and of course, horses to create an empowering environment where clients and trainees can experience real healing, authenticity, and presence.

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