Gabrielle Remole, LCSW, NLC-C,EP

In her clinical work, Gabby employs a systems-based perspective to help children, teens and families who have experienced trauma. She prefers experiential therapy, including work with horses, art, sand tray, music and nature, to traditional talk therapy, believing that movement and “doing” are more effective than simply talking. Gabby enjoys using humor, when appropriate, hoping that clients can know that, while therapy can be really hard, it can also be fun. Gabby is extremely passionate about the Natural Lifemanship model and the healing this therapy model helps to provide for families and individuals, particularly those affected by trauma. She has witnessed in her own life how the model has profoundly improved her relationships. She is thrilled to be able to help others learn the NL principles and how to utilize this model in therapy sessions and every day life.

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