Natural Lifemanship

Taking NL Principles into Practice (14 CE Credits)

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Natural Lifemanship is a process and a practice.

The process and the practice are based on principles, not techniques.

Becoming certified in Natural Lifemanship means you internalize this process as you practice it. The LIFEBLOOD of the NL Certification process is mentorship through individual and group consultations.

LEARN how Natural Lifemanship is applied, helping people and horses, connect, heal, grow and recover through Trauma-Focused Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Trauma-Informed Equine Assisted Learning.



*There is a baseline of understanding of NL amongst the folks participating in each pre-recorded session included in this course. If you have not yet attended a Fundamentals of NL live or virtual training, you may encounter some concepts and terminology with which you are unfamiliar. Learn more about our Virtual Fundamentals of NL.

**NL certification students are those who have paid the $99 sign up fee, subscribe to professional membership, and are enrolled in one of the NL Certification courses. For more information on becoming NL Certified, visit our Certification page.



Partnering with Different Species

Length: 66 minutes

Summary: In this call, Tim and Bettina discuss a complex case of a 17-year-old male-to-female transitioning client struggling with depression, anxiety, dissociation, and self-harm who picked an Alpaca and a…

Moving from Control toward Connection

Length: 90 minutes

Summary:   This call takes a look at an 8 year old girl with high anxiety around eating and the unhealthy family dynamics that have started to emerge around it.  Tim…

Holding Space for Secure Attachment

Length: 53 minutes

Summary: In this case, you will learn more about what could be driving your client’s symptoms, the neuroscience behind an ADHD and Anxiety/trauma diagnoses, and how the effect of medications…

Horse Behaviors in Therapy Sessions

Length: 57 minutes

Summary: In this call, Tim and Bettina staff a case on an 18 year old highly dissociative and suicidal client who is likely on the Autism Spectrum.   They discuss indicative…