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Have you ever wondered what to do in your sessions on a rainy day or during the long winter months?  Can one still do Natural Lifemanship when circumstances prevent partnering with horses?

We understand that many of your clients came to you to learn by doing so the experiential component of your work is imperative.  We also understand that missed sessions can slow client progress and, financially speaking, hurt your bottom line.  In this course, filmed at the 2019 NL Deep Dive Conference,  presenters, Jennifer Steinmetz, Cindy Hatchell, and Bettina Shultz-Jobe, teach you how to utilize experiential activities and ground initiatives to help your clients continue the powerful work they have already begun with horses. The presenters have over 20 years of experience as trained facilitators and share a wealth of information and experience guiding individuals, families, and groups in experiential activities for learning and for therapy outcomes.

You will learn facilitation skills, games, and exercises that can be used in the office or the arena to help a wide range of clients with regulation, connection, communication, and more.  The activities, appropriate for individuals and groups, focus on connection, trauma-informed care, and bottom-up regulation. NL practitioners will be able to seamlessly integrate what is learned into their NL practice immediately! This course comes with a number of downloadable files with written instructions and resources pertaining to the activities presented plus activities at were not presented during the 4+ hour workshop, due to time.

Learning Objectives

  1. Acquire facilitation skills to cultivate safety, trust, participation, energy, and other positive group dynamics
  2. Observe and learn how to facilitate more than 10 experiential activities
  3. Describe the ways in which the experiential activities that were demonstrated build connection with self and others
  4. Explain how experiential ground activities can be used to powerfully and organically implement trauma-informed care

How to Earn CE Credits

This course offers 4 CE credits. There is a quiz at the end of each lesson. Each must be passed with 75% or higher accuracy to complete the course and earn CE credits.



Lesson 1 – Icebreakers

Length: 27 minutes

Cindy and Jennifer get the workshop started with some experiential ice breakers. You will learn: Three icebreaker activities you can do with a group of any size, outdoors or indoors…

Lesson 2 – Moon Ball

Length: 12 minutes

Cindy and Jennifer introduce the Moon ball activity and facilitate a process for the group to set goals and make decisions together. Written instructions for this activity are provided in…

Lesson 3 – Group Juggle and Facilitation Skills

Length: 27 minutes

The Group Juggle activity is taught. Facilitation skills and how to build group connection are discussed. Next, hope and fear cards are read aloud and shared. Finally, everybody learned the…

Lesson 4 – The One True Path

Length: 19 minutes

The One True Path (also called, The Secret Path) was taught. The goal of the challenge was to get each and every member safely from one end of the tarp…

Lesson 5 – Are you more like…?

Length: 18 minutes

This activity is a fun way to get to know one another, and oneself. It simply poses a number of “are you more like this or that” kinds of questions…

Lesson 6 – Bull Ring – Group 1

Length: 28 minutes

The Bull Ring activity was introduced. Participants divided into 2 groups for this activity. Watch the video for Group 1 in this lesson and then proceed to the next lesson…

Lesson 7 – Bull Ring – Group 2

Length: 25 minutes

Watch how Group 2 fared in the Bull Ring activity. When you have finished watching the video, please click “view the lesson quiz” to complete the short quiz covering lessons…

Lesson 8 – Helium Stick

Length: 21 minutes

This challenge involves perspective, roles, and intensity. With half the group on either side of a lightweight stick, the goal is simply to lower the stick in unison without the…

Lesson 10 – Raccoon Circle Activities

Length: 21 minutes

Two activities using raccoon circles were introduced. The first activity, Race Trak, evoked high energy and excitement while the second activity, Trust Lean, brought the groups into calm and focused…

Lesson 11 – The Sounding and Wrapping Up

Length: 17 minutes

In this final activity, the group wrapped up with a final “sounding.” Then they were sent on their way with goody bags full of resources. Written instructions are provided in…

Complete the Course Evaluation

Please do not complete this lesson until after you have completed all other lessons in this course. Visit this link to complete the evaluation. The survey will open in another…