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Ethical Dilemmas Specific to the Field of Equine Assisted Practice and Psychotherapy (1 CE Credit) Free for NL Professional Members

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In this recorded webinar, Bettina Shultz-Jobe, NL Co-Founder, and Rebecca Hubbard, Co-Founder and Owner of Pecan Creek Ranch discuss the many ethical dilemmas specific to the field of Equine Assisted Practice. 

Anyone who has worked in this field knows how complicated it can become. Bettina and Rebecca have been doing equine-assisted psychotherapy for a combined 30 years, and have worked in a variety of situations, including not-for profit, for-profit, contract, employee, lease agreement, etc.  They’ve literally seen and experienced it all. They understand the importance of strong ethical values and guidelines for all involved and the complications that arise as we seek to be sustainable in this field.

The Webinar Addresses Some of the Following Questions, and Others:

  • Does the Equine Professional need to abide by the same ethics and HIPAA laws that the Mental Health Professional abides by?
  • My client’s parents don’t want to call our work “therapy.”
  • A potential client wants to do EAP to help her recover from an eating disorder, but this is out of my scope of practice.  However, there isn’t another EAP program close to my client.
  • A potential client wants to do equine assisted coaching, but I am a therapist.  OR they want to do therapy but I am a coach.
  • If I am the Equine Professional (EP) can I teach my client riding lessons?
  • Should my client be able to board their horse at my facility?
  • I usually see clients in an office setting.  Can I charge more for EAP sessions?
  • Is it okay to see a client who is seeing another therapist for “talk therapy?”
  • I have limited horses with which to work, but I’m noticing that one of my horses is showing signs of burnout.
  • Our business is a not-for-profit and one of our board members would like for one of our contract therapists to see their child in therapy.
  • Our business is a not-for-profit.  It is easier for us to raise funds when we have client pictures, stories, and testimonials.  Can I use these?

This course is free to Natural Lifemanship Professional Members. It is also available for purchase.