Natural Lifemanship

Connected Horsemanship Deep Dive 2019 NL Conference

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This course contains videos from the Connected Horsemanship Workshop that took place at our 2019 Deep Dive Conference.

In these videos, Natural Lifemanship equine professionals, Tanner Jobe and Jenn Weiss, demonstrate the process of building a connected relationship with a horse from the ground up. NL co-founder, Tim Jobe, describes the process while responding to questions from the workshop attendees.

Learn how the process of building a connected relationship in Natural Lifemanship is guided by principles and by a particular responsiveness to THIS relationship, rather than by techniques uniformly applied to all relationships. Each horse, each human and each relationship is unique, and therefore connection is always a question of being receptive and responding to what this horse and this relationship need in order to build safety, trust and cooperation.

The series contains 7 videos. There are three ways to enjoy this series.

  1. It is free for all active NL members (Basic or Professional). While logged in visit our Online Learning area to view the videos.
  2. It is available for purchase (no membership required) for $75.
  3. It is included with every full registration for the NL Connected Horsemanship training (auditors excluded).