Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates, Adjustments, and Adaptations

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Updates, Adjustments, and Adaptations


September 24, 2020

Hello Everybody,

Here at The Natural Lifemanship Institute we continue to adapt and adjust to new information as our world changes.  We are listening to our clients.  We are listening to you.  We are listening to the CDC, the government, and prevailing professional healthcare standards.  We are reading research, and must admit that we are oftentimes just as confused as you are.

Our team meets regularly.  We discuss.  Sometimes we disagree.  We sit on it.  We meditate.  We move.  We attune.  We think.

(Sometimes we cry a little. . .)

We have recently made some very hard decisions based on careful weighing of the risks and applicable regulations.  We have also made (and continue to make) some very exciting pivots.  We would like to share both with you today.

Like you, we are adapting. . . . we seek to change what we can in our world and then we adapt to what is, in this moment.

Good news first! 

1.  We now have a scholarship fund!   Natural Lifemanship ran a GoFundMe campaign, and raised money so that we can offer scholarships this year.  If you donated, thank you!  If you shared our campaign on FB, THANK YOU – to date, our campaign has been shared 439 times!  If you believe in what we do and want to be part of our vision and mission, please visit our page and donate or share our page with your network. Every little bit helps!  We will we put a scholarship application process and committee in place by the fall for those of you who need these funds.  We are infinitely grateful to be able to offer this support to those of you working so hard to make the world a better place!

2.  We have now launched THREE cohorts of the Virtual Fundamentals training, an amazing and equivalent learning experience that was carefully, thoughtfully, and lovingly created for you.  This was the second thing we began working on back in March when stay at home orders were first put in place.  Participants have a lot of time to digest information and truly begin to practice and embody NL.  Thus far, we have been so impressed by the depth of learning happening through this course!  The next cohort will start in early 2021!

3.  We will continue to offer our Building Your Resilience Series with “name your price” options through the summer.  This was the first thing we set in motion back in March – multiple online opportunities for profound self-care in collaboration with our amazing students and partner sites.  Please, please take time for YOU! (By the way, a brand new offering starts tomorrow!)

4.  We have released Taking NL Principles into Practice, this is a new course that includes a carefully selected collection of pre-recorded Group Consultation sessions – the third thing we began working on back in March.  🙂  This course is completely virtual, self-paced, and available to those who wish to deepen their understanding of the NL process and lay the foundation for presenting your own cases during future group consultation sessions if you are in certification.  This learning is now available even to those who are not part of the NL certification process!

5.  Natural Lifemanship will be releasing a Virtual Intensive Training in January 2021, and we promise that a TON of thought is going into how we will help you learn and experience as much (if not more!) as you do at in our in-person Intensive Trainings.  Please be on the look out for the release of this course.  🙂

6.  Natural Lifemanship for Spiritual Connection is also going to be offered virtually!  If we believe we can offer an equivalent (and even better in some ways) course online, we will!  Be on the lookout for this one!  So exciting!

7.  We continue to release more online CE Courses for purchase or through Basic or Professional NL Membership!  NL members have access to hundreds of hours of rich online learning content.  Professionals members can earn CE’s.  This is a great way to continue your learning with us!

8.  We will continue to offer FREE live webinars as part of our SurThrive Webinar Series, AND we will continue to offer “name your price” options for the recordings through the summer.  Recordings can be found here.  Recordings and CE credits are available to Basic and Professional NL Members.


Be on the lookout for EVEN MORE rich
online learning opportunities!

We are adapting!  We know you are too.  Some days it only feels like survival. . . but that’s something.  Some days we can sense deeply into the growth and transformation that is undoubtedly occurring.  We, at The Natural Lifemanship Institute, know that as we walk with you we are on sacred ground.  Thank you for walking with us.


Please let us know what we can do to support you further.  We are listening!


Okay, so now for the hard stuff. . .

1.  For now, we are postponing most of the Blended Fundamentals trainings for the remainder of 2020.  This training meets in person for two days and typically has more than 15 participants.  We will keep a few of the upcoming Blended Fundamentals in Lampasas, Texas and Marshall, North Carolina. These trainings will be limited to 10 to 12 participants.   Scroll down to read about the precautions we will take during in-person trainings.  There may be more in-person trainings scheduled in Texas and North Carolina this year if there is a need.  These are the only two places we can keep trainings small (and stay in business), ensure safety precautions, and not require our trainers to travel by plane.  Please click this link and scroll down to see available trainings.

2.  We are postponing many of our Intensive trainings as well.  Click this link and scroll down to see which trainings are a “go.”  These trainings will also be limited to 10 to 12 participants.  Scroll down to read about the precautions we will take during in-person trainings.   There may be more in-person Intensive trainings scheduled in Texas and North Carolina this year if there is a need.  There is one scheduled in Georgia as well.

3.  Many of our immersions and specialty trainings are still postponed, but we hope to reschedule them this year.

Again, let us know what you need from us!  WE ARE LISTENING!

With warmth and so much connection during these very hard times,

The Natural Lifemanship Family

In-person Training Precautions and Informed Consent

In order for us to provide you with in-person trainings, the following protocols must be followed by all of those in attendance:

  • Social distancing requirements must be met, meaning that you must maintain a six-foot distance from other people whether outside, working with equines, or inside.  In the event that there is a concern for physical safety, social distancing requirements may temporarily be waived until safety is established.
  • Face coverings or masks are optional.  It is our intention to keep as much of our trainings outside as possible. This means that participants need to come prepared to be outside or in a well-ventilated barn or arena for the entire training.  Participants and trainers will make one-on-one decisions regarding masks if there is a desire to do equine work that requires human touch or a physical distance of less than six feet for safety.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in designated areas.  Hand sanitizer or hand washing must be used at the beginning of the day, throughout the day, and at the end of the day.
  • Any tools that are touched or used get disinfected before being used by another person. We will regularly disinfect surfaces like gates and bathrooms that get touched frequently during the day.
  • Participants and trainers agree to not be present for an in-person training if you have a fever, shortness of breath, coughing, or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19 or if you have been exposed to another person who is showing signs of infection or has confirmed COVID-19 within the past two weeks.  Our transfer and store credits policies are very flexible during this time.

We remain committed to following state and federal guidelines and to adhering to prevailing professional healthcare standards to limit the transmission of COVID-19.  Despite careful attention to sanitization, social distancing, and other protocols, there is still a chance that you will be exposed to COVID-19 at one of our in-person trainings. If, at any point, you do not want to attend an in-person training you can transfer to one of our excellent virtual trainings or wait until we can resume our more typical in person training schedule.


March 17, 2020

With the most recent federal guidelines urging all Americans to stay home and refrain from gathering in groups of 10 or more, we are postponing all of our in-person training events through the end of April. If you are registered for one of the affected trainings, you should have already received an email from us with options for rescheduling. Contact us if you did not receive an email.

The options for rescheduling postponed trainings are the following. These apply to the March/April trainings and to any future trainings that may need to be postponed as more information becomes available.

  1. Option 1 (for Fundamentals of NL participants) – For a while now we have discussed ways to allow people to complete an updated and entirely online Fundamentals of NL training that will count toward certification and serve as a prerequisite for many of our advanced trainings. We have now pushed this to the top of our priority list and will be releasing it within the upcoming weeks. More details will follow, but please know this is one option to consider if you are needing to reschedule your Fundamentals.The online course will feature current, foundational video content including the 7 or so hours you already completed as part of the “blended” training and a whole lot more. We are super excited about it and believe it will be a very comprehensive learning experience. We have even built into the course a couple of different ways for you to benefit from individual feedback based on practical experience. If you are interested in this option, please let us know.
  2. Option 2 – You may choose to transfer your registration to another scheduled in-person training.
  3. Option 3 – If you are uncertain right now how you wish to proceed, you may request a store credit and we will credit your account with the amount you paid for registration. The credit will not expire and you will be able to spend it on our site however you choose.
Regarding our trainings scheduled for May, we will monitor the situation and make a decision by April 20th based on the CDC and local guidelines at that time.
Everyone – please stay safe, be well, and stay connected.