Claire Hunter, MA, LPC, NLC-C,EP

As a child, Claire seized every available opportunity to ride and be with horses, but she was an adult before she was finally blessed with her first personal horse—an athletic, sensitive, and hypervigilant off-track Thoroughbred who was perhaps not the ideal candidate for an adult returning to riding. And yet it was this noble equine friend called Rohan who sparked her journey into the potential for deeper connection, partnership, and growth as both a horseperson and, eventually, a Licensed Professional Counselor. When she attended her first Natural Lifemanship training, she knew she had found the model that resonated with her approach to counseling, horsemanship, and life in general. Claire is honored to be a Natural Lifemanship certified clinician, equine professional, and trainer and enjoys sharing her herd of five horses—including the now 22 year-old Rohan—with clients in Longview, Texas.


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