Certification Requirements and Costs

Certification Requirements and Costs

About NL Certification 

Natural Lifemanship Certification costs a one-time fee of $99 to enroll. NL Professional Membership is required throughout the certification process and costs either $33/month or $350/year to subscribe. Active membership must be maintained to access the certification course and other important learning content. Once certification is complete, active membership at either the Basic or the Professional level is required to maintain certification status, and 10 CE hours must be documented each year – 4 of them with Natural Lifemanship (either online or in person); the remaining 6 may be from professional development completed elsewhere.

How long does it take?

The process generally takes people between one to two years to complete. You must be doing sessions with clients concurrent with group and individual consultations. If you are not working with clients, you may complete the required trainings and some of the assignments; however, the certification process primarily revolves around mentorship while you are applying the process in actual client sessions.

General Requirements Include:

  • Trainings: Fundamentals and Intensive Trainings
  • Consultations*: 18-21 sessions (combination of individual and group); 18 total consultations are required for individual certification, and 21 are required to become dually certified.
  • Clinical hours* (working with clients): 60
  • NL Membership: Ongoing
  • Assignments – vary according to certification sought

*VERY IMPORTANT: The process of learning and growing with NL is grounded in experience and dialogue. Consultations are the core component of the process. They enable you to make sense of the model as it pertains to your experience applying it with your actual clients and horses. We have a strict requirement that in order to begin the certification process, you must be applying NL in your work and be ready to talk about your actual experiences in individual and group consultations. Perfection and mastery are most definitely not expected! It is, however, very important that your learning is grounded in actual experience and not just hypothetical or imaginative experience. If you are interested in building a practice and a clientele, you may wish to begin with our Business Building Master Class. You may also attend trainings and learn through online content as an NL Member if you are not yet at a place in your practice where you are ready to discuss actual cases through consultations. The trainings you complete prior to certification will count once you sign up.

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NL Certification costs are provided in the table below. Aside from the one-time administrative fee of $99, which gives you access to your certification course, every training and consultation is on a pay-as-you-go basis, and professional membership must remain active.

COST BREAKDOWN  Individual Certification Dual Certification

Total costs listed to the right factor in the first year of membership at the annual rate. To continue in certification and to remain certified, you must maintain active membership.

$ 4504


$ 5104


One-Time Enrollment Fee $99

  • Fundamentals of NL options – choose one:
    • Core ($725)
    • Foundations + Practicum ($425+ $625)
    • Jumpstart ($1199 –  includes the certification enrollment fee and the 1st year of membership)
  • NL Intensive options – choose one:
    • Core ($1399)
    • Foundations + Practicum ($999+$899)
TOTAL training cost varies depending on the training options you choose. Both the Fundamentals and the Intensive training have a substantial amount of online content and virtual interaction and are offered in cohorts throughout the year.
Consultations (pay as-you-go):
  • Group Consultations ($375 per series)
  • Individual Consultations ($150 ea)
  • Dual Consultations ($200 ea)
  • Group consults – (2 series): $750
  • Individual consults – (8 total): $1200
  • Group consults – (2 series): $750
  • Individual consults – (8 total): $1200
  • Dual consults – (3 total): $600
 TOTAL Consultation Cost:  $1950  $2550
NL Membership (Professional) $33/month or $350 per year
Continuing Education  10 hours per year to maintain certification. Four (4) of the CE hours must be with Natural Lifemanship (online or in person). For the remaining six (6) CE hours each year, any professional development that complements or enhances your work as a practitioner of NL will qualify.