Certification Requirements and Costs

Certification Requirements and Costs

About NL Certification 

Natural Lifemanship Certification costs a one-time fee of $99 to enroll. NL Professional Membership is required throughout the certification process and costs either $30/month or $330/year to subscribe. Active membership must be maintained to access the certification course and other important learning content. Once certification is complete, active membership at either the Basic or the Professional level is required to maintain certification status.

How long does it take?

The process generally takes people between one to two years to complete. You must be doing sessions with clients concurrent with group and individual consultations. If you are not working with clients, you may complete the required trainings and some of the assignments; however, the certification process primarily revolves around mentorship while you are applying the process in actual client sessions.

General Requirements Include:

  • Trainings: Fundamentals and Intensive Trainings
  • Consultations: 18-21 sessions (combination of individual and group); 18 total consultations are required for individual certification, and 21 are required to become dually certified.
  • Clinical hours (working with clients): 60
  • NL Membership: Ongoing
  • Assignments – vary according to certification sought
COST BREAKDOWN  Individual Certification Dual Certification

must maintain membership at the annual or monthly rate

$ 4754 – 5054

must maintain membership at the annual or monthly rate

One-Time Enrollment Fee $99
Trainings (early registration discounts may be available):

  • Fundamentals $625 – 725
  • Intensive $1200 – 1400

Trainings completed prior to certification enrollment DO meet this requirement

TOTAL Training Cost: $1825 – 2125
Consultations (pay as-you-go):
  • Group Consultations ($350 per series)
  • Individual Consultations ($150 ea)
  • Dual Consultations ($200 ea)
  • Group consults – (2 series): $700
  • Individual consults – (8 total): $1200
  • Group consults – (2 series): $700
  • Individual consults – (8 total): $1200
  • Dual consults – (3 total): $600
 TOTAL Consultation Cost:  $1900  $2500
NL Membership (Professional) $30/month or $330 per year
Continuing Education  10 hours per year to maintain certification. Any PD will qualify so long as it enhances your knowledge and skills related to your professional practice using NL.